Ethiopia: Farm to Cup / by Morgana Wingard

As a native Seattlite, the birth place of Starbucks, I love my coffee. Recently, I had the opportunity to see first hand the origins of world renowned Ethiopian coffee and how strategic agriculture initiatives in Ethiopia are improving food security in the region.  I was photographing for CARE on a trip with policy makers and a production team from The Kojo Nnamdi show to learn a little about food aid reform and the giant efforts of the U.S. government in collaboration with the Ethiopian government. As a photographer, I typically see the story -- looking for light and scenes that can tell the tale in a single image. This time I was in for a treat. Watching and talking to Kayla and Michael of the Kojo show, I learned to open my ears and hear the story. Now, I'll never be as good as they are at discovering and capturing the intricate sounds of coffee sipping and trading floor bells, but it sure is fun to have amazing audio to compliment my photos. I can't tell you how many times I wish I had a recorder to capture something a speaker said that I knew I'd forget before I could write it down.  Listen to the links below to hear about the photos above and how U.S. investments and the Ethiopian government are increasing food security in the region through business and trade.