Monrovia's Got Talent: Take 1 by Morgana Wingard

UN security monitors, container shippers, and civil servant mentors by day, Monrovia's expats breakout their musical genius by night. Vince, a member of the US Army embedded with the UN Mission in Liberia, and Dara, a program manager at IREX started jam sessions for the musically inclined residents of Monrovia. It has become a weekly addiction which lately adopted a new twist. After a shoot a few weeks ago, I swung by Fuzion -- one of our favorite local bars -- for one such jam session and plopped by oversized camera on the table. Vince immediately spotted the opportunity. The next week we married his mic to my camera and started recording the diverse musical talents of our community. It's become a weekly inspirational soup of creativity. Enjoy.  

  • Writer: Vincent Yznaga
  • Song: "Our Song"
  • Lead Singer: Vincent Yznaga
  • Guitar: Lisa Fouladesh
  • Eggs & Harmony: David Levy